2021 and the value of Virtual Events Planning.

2020 was been a strange year in the events industry.
As in, no events are possible and have been cancelled or
So, we have all moved online!
Once a niche aspect of the event industry, virtual events have
become an integral part of daily life in a COVID-impacted world. And
they’re not going anywhere.
One of the best parts of this online event renaissance is that you do
not need a huge budget or a powerful event management experience
to create a valuable but exciting virtual event.

The history of virtual events
Virtual events started to become increasingly popular during the late-
2000s recession as they offered an economically and environmentally
effective way to bring thousands of attendees to an event from around
the globe. This is one of the biggest plus points of virtual events… There
is no real limit to where attendees can travel from you can send invites
all over the globe!
The value of virtual events
2020 saw virtual events explode in popularity due to the global
pandemic, but they’re proving to be a high value prospect regardless.
Virtual events are absolutely able to be just as exciting and engaging
as there are no limitations to your attendees costs and travel that
could have prevented a large amount of invites not attending.
Virtual events are also extremely cost effective.
Overheads are drastically reduced as you can cut the cost of a venue,
event staff, and food and beverages. Another plus point, and another
reason why we believe more and more events will be held virtually, is
that carbon emissions are reduced also.
Your budget can be spent solely on creating the best virtual event
Let us give you some ideas and tips on creating the best virtual
event possible.

Any business is able to create online events. You literally have the
world at your fingertips.
Do you have a bakery? Create your own online bake off!
Join worldwide social media groups and invite them all to your event.
Social media and events go hand in hand (source your attendees,
invite them and watch them attend)
Hold bake-a-thons, tutorials and lots more. The ideas are endless.
Are you a fitness instructor? Many trainers have moved online for the
pandemic, and many are seeing the saving in overheads remaining a
factor in where sessions are held in the future.
We have worked with psychotherapists, trauma experts and
counsellors where they held a Q & A session. This is an especially
difficult time for many people after job losses, furlough schemes and
general isolation. Online events are a way to connect with those who
understand your worry and pain during a strange time in the world.
Do you have a new product about to be released on the market?
Demo your product through an online event, do not lose sales and
networking due to the pandemic.
You can still hold your event, you can still showcase your business.
Do some research from your potential attendees and find out what
they want from an online event. This way you will earn peoples
attention. You need to find out what will make them turn on their
video chat and attend after a day of working virtually. Make sure your
content in catchy and worthwhile for your audience.
In your event planning stage, create polls and questionnaires to
gather this vital information.
This is where you action your plan and send invites to your virtual
You would curate your content and pick your platform.

We highly recommend MG events LTD software for your event and
we will provide full training and support.
Or if you want to leave it with us, we can hold your event for you!
MG Events LTD.

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Virtual events bring a range of opportunities to delight guests from the comfort of their own home or office – bringing attendees closer without the need to travel or congregate in large groups.

Of course, as we become used to attending events virtually, the opportunity for distraction is never far away. Our training will show you how to create engaging online events which hold your guests’ attention and stay in their mind for years to come.


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