Specialist, full-service events management, and virtual events training

MG EVENTS LTD specialises in 4 areas:

  • Virtual Events
  • Successful Virtual Events Training
  • Venue Finding
  • Corporate Events

MG EVENTS LTD is based in London, offering full-service events management across the UK, France and worldwide.

Specialising in successful virtual events, moving important moments online and adapting to the ‘new normal’. Book your place on our Virtual Event Training.

Meet Marina Guilleux, MG EVENTS LTD

Marina’s career in the events industry began in 2010 and her work has taken her to Paris, Dubai, Vienna, and London. She is highly educated, with qualifications in Culinary Engineering, Luxury Brand and Hospitality and Events Management.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Marina has seen the impact on the events industry and has taken her determination, passion and creativity to adapt and pivot events management into what is certain to become an important part of the ‘new normal’ – virtual events.

Marina is proud to offer a wide range of event management and training services for all levels and types of events. From colleague meetings, to gala dinners and conventions, she is ready to help with all aspects of event organisation.

MG EVENTS LTD – Full-service events management and virtual events training


Successful Virtual Events Training

Learn how to plan and host successful virtual events

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are likely to mean that virtual events become an important part of normal life. And, even as we settle into a ‘new normal’, it is likely that online gatherings will continue to form part of normal business activities.

Virtual events bring a range of opportunities to delight guests from the comfort of their own home or office – bringing attendees closer without the need to travel or congregate in large groups.

Of course, as we become used to attending events virtually, the opportunity for distraction is never far away. Our training will show you how to create engaging online events which hold your guests’ attention and stay in their mind for years to come.


Commercial companies: £415 (+VAT)

Not-for-profit organisations: £315 (+VAT)

Available Dates:

Virtual Events Training available on demand.



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