Balancing Virtual and In-Person Events As Part Of The ‘New Normal’

Balancing Virtual and In-Person Events As Part Of The ‘New Normal’

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Balancing Virtual and In-Person Events As Part Of The ‘New Normal’

There’s no denying that life is crazy at the moment. Almost every part of our day-to-day routine has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, especially activities which involve being with others. The events industry is centred around bringing people together, so what happens when circumstances call for everyone to spend months apart?

The answer is technology.

Almost every major event due to take place in 2020 has seen one of two fates – they’ve been cancelled altogether, or they’ve gone virtual. A great example of this is Facebook’s Developer Conference, or ‘F8’; an annual event which , in 2019, saw 5,000 attendees pile into the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. In light of the pandemic, it was announced that the in-person conference would be replaced with “other ways for our community to get together through a combo of locally hosted events, videos and live streamed content.”

Of course, as the world returns to normal, or adapts to the reality of a ‘new normal’, post-Covid, people will be eager to get together again and it will be a huge cause for celebration when in-person events are able to happen. However, it is unlikely that the reintroduction of physical events will push virtual gatherings off the map altogether. Especially now that businesses and events managers have seen the benefits of moving events into a virtual space.

These benefits include:

  • Opportunity to create an online experience which has an impact on guests
  • The cost-efficiency of having guests attend from their own homes – removing the need for transport, accommodation, venue and catering.
  • Increased attendance as virtual events are easier to commit to and fit into daily life
  • Ease of collaboration between organisers, especially those who normally face the challenge of distance and international locations.

Virtual events also overcome some of the uncertainty of easing back into normal life. In a time when anything can happen with regard to restrictions on gatherings and travelling, hosting an online event gives both organisers and guests peace of mind that a last-minute change of plan or cancellation is unlikely.

While we can be certain that in-person events will be popular when they return, there will still be a place for virtual get-togethers. However, it will become more and more important to get the organisation just right as people’s options open up once again.

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