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Virtually of course!  And Wine is the main feature on the menu! 

Our Executive Director, Marina had the pleasure of a virtual wine tasting with Peter Lunzer, the founder of Lunzer wine Events, and has 40 years’ experience in the wine industry. 

During a 1-hour virtual event, Peter shares a wealth of beautiful fine wines and includes all of the facts regarding the wine selection.  Peter provides exceptional information regarding food pairings, which was absolutely fascinating.

It’s quite possible you have heard that certain wines match certain foods perfectly (such as wine and cheese pairings) but being immersed in an event like this really helps your understanding. 

Marina found this event to be a real eye opener and a complete treat! 

Why Virtual wine events?  Virtual wine tasting’s are safe.  In the era of COVID-19, we’ve all had to rethink our usual routines with an extra lens to safety. An outing to the local wine bar or winery tasting room now carries a risk, either for yourself, your loved ones, or the hospitality staff serving you. Right now, the very safest option is to stay home. A virtual wine tasting with a sommelier is the perfect stay-home activity: you don’t have to put your health on the line to participate, and wine can be delivered to your door or arranged for contactless pickup from your local store. Even when the virus’ current threat passes, virtual wine tastings don’t require a designated driver– so everyone can safely participate and enjoy! 

The wine tasting events can be bespoke or for e.g. for networking events, Virtual Lunch or Dinner Party… All delivered to your door.

Please take a look at Peter’s website at for more details about Peter, his wonderful company and information about his virtual wine tasting events. 


Our Executive Director Marina testifies that the experience of learning about wine is not at all negatively impacted by switching to a virtual vs. in-person format. In fact, in some ways, it’s a more effective learning experience. Tasters that may have been too shy to ask their questions aloud in a large seminar can pop them in the chatbox (even privately to the instructor or host). 

The fact that everyone has leftover wine after the virtual wine tasting means that they can continue to practice tasting the wines for several days following the virtual event. Experimenting with pairing the wine with different foods, trying it out of varying glassware types, and tasting it at different temperatures are valuable learning tools you just don’t get while spending ten minutes with a wine during an in-person tasting. 

We are extremely happy to be partnering with Peter Lunzer and Lunzer Wine Events as this is a truly enjoyable experience, and it is also a great opportunity to network and mingle during covid-19 restrictions. 

Interested in learning more about booking a virtual wine tasting of your own? Click here to learn more about booking your wine testing event or submit your inquiry here.

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