Why networking is so important in business, and why MG Events want to help you continue crucial networking – virtually.

Networking has always been a vital part of doing business. Whether you’re building your network, keeping staff engaged or connecting with potential clients.  Networking allows you to grow and nurture your business relationships.

As we all move and adapt to the virtual world, staying in touch with business peers through online networking, developing professional relationships with those within (and outside of your industry) opens you up to new knowledge and experiences.

If you are thinking about hosting your first virtual networking session? Here’s five reasons why it’s great for you and your business, and how MG Events Ltd is your solution.

Stay connected

It is vital that we Maintain our relationships during these testing periods of isolation.  This is for several reasons and not just business needs. Our relationships, personal and professional relationships, helps our psychological wellbeing.   This includes staying in touch with colleagues and business owners. Employees are working from home where possible, and this can feel extremely isolating.  Virtual networking is your chance to meet-up and have a virtual coffee with local, like-minded colleagues and business owners who are in a similar position to you. Small businesses have always been at the heart of our communities, so this is a way to stay in touch and support one another. If someone can’t help you, they may know someone who can.

Share knowledge and advice

Networking attracts people from every walk of life, so you’ll be exposed to a wealth of knowledge and advice. As with usual business networking, you get out what you put in, so share what you know with others and you’ll be amazed what you’ll get in return. Your business peers are in the same boat as you: trying to navigate through this new normal. It’s a space to share experiences, as well as any issues or concerns you may have as a business owner.

Network growth.

It may seem obvious, but networking is all about expanding your reach and creating connections. You may make a new business friend, or even find potential customers and clients. Everyone is open to connections, so be sure to reach out. In the absence of business cards, send a request to connect on LinkedIn. There’s no fear of a misplaced business card, and you’ll be able to send a message after the meeting to follow up!

It’s local

Getting to know the business owners in your area is a great way to take advantage of any upcoming opportunities. If they are outside your industry, then you may find they will be able to help support your business with the products or services they offer. Championing local communities and small businesses is more important than ever before.

Invaluable marketing

One of the benefits of business networking, especially if you’re attending regularly, is that you can build your business profile. Getting your name out into the local community will help you to build a good reputation. Creating new connections and maintaining your existing ones means your business will be well positioned once business returns to normal, as you’ll have a list of contacts to draw upon.

MG Events Ltd 

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Successful Virtual Events Training

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The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are likely to mean that virtual events become an important part of normal life. And, even as we settle into a ‘new normal’, it is likely that online gatherings will continue to form part of normal business activities.

Virtual events bring a range of opportunities to delight guests from the comfort of their own home or office – bringing attendees closer without the need to travel or congregate in large groups.

Of course, as we become used to attending events virtually, the opportunity for distraction is never far away. Our training will show you how to create engaging online events which hold your guests’ attention and stay in their mind for years to come.


Commercial companies: £415 (+VAT)

Not-for-profit organisations: £315 (+VAT)

Available Dates:

Virtual Events Training available on demand.



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