Why Outdoor Events are Crucial in Today

Why Outdoor Events Are Crucial In Today’s Post Coronavirus Lockdown World And The Obstacles The Industry Faces

Although virtual concerts and other live online events have proven themselves to work well, they can’t fully replace the genuine interaction we get from an in-person live event. Still, with the COVID-19 crisis still striking fear in people all over the world, many in-person live events have been either cancelled or put on hold until next year. But, if health experts are correct, social distancing and PPE should keep us all safe. With that being said, could we see the return of outdoor live events in the near future? And, if so, what obstacles would they face?

Moving Events BackOutside

Among the many possible solutions to this problem, it seems a good idea to move all live events including concerts, lectures, and other speaking engagements outside. Based on recent studies, indoor activities and events may increase the risk of catching COVID-19 by almost 20 times. Outdoor events ensure efficient air circulation and droplets won’t disperse as easily among attendees.

The Obstacles The Industry Faces

Unfortunately, outdoor concerts, lectures, and other speaking engagements can be stymied by logistical hurdles, indecisive local leaders, and lack of funding. For those who live in temperate or sub-tropical climates, outdoor events during autumn or winter can be far limited, due to bad weather or very cold weather. Event organisers should address these logistical challenges, especially during colder months of the year. There should be backup plans that will ensure the safety of attendees, speakers, performers, and event staff, especially if it is unexpectedly rainy or cold.

Bureaucratic Obstacles

Another obstacle the live event industry must face is having to deal with bureaucratic obstacles. Local authorities could be quite indecisive, and they are not sure whether outdoor events are a good idea yet. Private and public event committees have different levels of autonomy. In general, private event organisers are more flexible in deciding how to plan and manage the live event. Still, even with these challenges, the benefits of outdoor events outweigh any climate, location, or other logistical challenges that might arise.

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